Why Broken Doors Locks need to be Taken Seriously

Broken door locks can be way more serious of issues than many people give them credit for. They are essential parts of any security infrastructure, and need to be properly maintained and cared for. However, the dangers posed by a broken or non functional door lock aren’t just due to the typical security reasons – it’s important to understand the other potential risks associated with them. In this blog post, the experts at Howard Safe & Lock will provide detail as to all the dangers you need to understand about your Houston broken door locks.

Security Sensitivity

Obviously this is the first choice – broken door locks mess with the foundation for your security, and allow an entrance for burglars or criminals to come into your home without any stopping them. This can be due to locks broken in a way that prevents doors from fully closing or if they are more vulnerable to lock picking or other security bypass methods.

Burglary Evidence

Broken door locks are a sign that burglary has taken place. It’s a sign that excessive force was used to enter the home – which, while it can be carried out by homeowners, is more often than not carried out by burglars. Sometimes locks can withstand attacks by burglars – however any breakages or damages is a sign that they were attempted to be bypassed by criminals, signaling to you that your home has been targeted for burglary. The best thing to do in this situation is to completely change your home lockset to a high security deadlock based model.

Damaging of Doors

Broken locks can cause damage to the door hardware itself. It can cause misalignment of other aspects of the door’s hardware including its hinges or mounting brackets, issues that can exponentially get magnified over time to the point of rendering your door unusable even if the initial lock damage is fixed.

Key Damage

Broken door locks can also cause damage to keys, as keys entrance into a lock cylinder leave them somewhat vulnerable to the metallic hardware structure inside the cylinder. If an internal aspect of your lock sustains damage, it can damage your key, warping it’s structure and leaving it unusable, which can lead to both inconvenience or danger depending on the situation.

Hazards in Emergency Situations

If you need to quickly leave your house in an emergency situation, a broken lock can be a major risk. Not only in situations where you want to lock quickly to secure your home while you go out quickly or lock yourself in in a threatening situation, but also in situations when you want to leave quickly and potentially cannot unlock your door due to jams or other issues. This is one of the most important reasons to get broken locks repaired as soon as possible.