Safe selection, repair and unlock

Instant, on-the-spot Safe Unlocking Service

Our safe cracking services are performed by a highly trained, experienced, bonded technician who has the highest level of government clearance. He has a vast experience in opening high-security safes for the government, banks, ATM owners, and many other commercial and residential clients. In the majority of cases, safes and vaults show little sign of any breach and can safely be returned to service after they are opened and repaired by our highly skilled technician. We use only procedures recommended or endorsed by the world’s major safe and vault manufacturers and engineers.

Our safe-cracking capabilities include:

  • U.S. Government (GSA) Safes and Security Containers
  • Bank vaults and Night Depositories
  • High Security Safes, including Jeweler’s Safes and Vaults
  • Retail and Restaurant Money Depositories and Safes
  • Media Safes
  • Gun Safes
  • Fire Safes
  • Antique, Unusual and Unique Safes
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