Commercial Safes and Vaults

Many people have valuables or sensitive documents that need an added layer of security and protection. Howard Safe and Lock offers a wide variety of commercial safes and vaults perfect for your retail store, bank, office, warehouse, or personal residence. Howard Safe and Lock provides its clients with state of the art commercial safes and vaults, with digital locks and digital dials for the highest level of security available.

Howard Safe and Lock has been a respected member of the business community of the Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas for over 70 years. Originally known as Howards Key and Bicycle, Uncle Howard Yetter opened up shop in 1946 providing the residents of Houston Texas locksmithing and bicycle repair.

From those humble beginnings Howard Safe and Lock has grown to become one of the most trusted purveyors of commercial safes and vaults. Their wide selection of commercial safes and vaults help each new client find the safe or vault perfect for their needs.

Howard Safe and Lock is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety / Private Security Bureau as a security contractor in Alarm Systems, Electronic Access Control and all other aspects of locksmithing. Howard Safe and Lock even has security cleared technicians that can unlock commercial safes and vaults should you misplace your password or otherwise forget how to open your safe or vault.

Both commercial safes and vaults have a tendency to be heavy. Made from thick steal or even iron, commercial safes and vaults need experienced professionals to remove or implement the unwieldy containers. Howard Safe and Lock works with the structural capacity of your commercial real estate and help each client choose what size and model of commercial safe or vault works best for their space.

Many commercial safes and vaults are located in private rooms for added protection. But many times these rooms are left open, and employees can walk in and out of the offices without any restriction whatsoever. Howard Safe and Lock knows that restricting access to your commercial safe or vault can prevent crime before it even starts.

Howard Safe and Lock can implement an access control system that restricts access to your safe or vault room to only a specific set of trusted confidants and business associates. These chosen few can either gain access through a key card or even a biometric access system that reacts to the specific physical features of the person trying to gain entry.

Should someone get past these controlled entryways, Howard Safe and Lock can implement CCTV cameras in your commercial safe or vault room to ensure that whatever happens in that room it will be recorded and saved digitally in a remote location to be reviewed later.

Commercial safes and vaults need to be modern, site specific, and in rooms with restricted access and video cameras to record what goes on. Howard Safe and Lock can provide you with everything you need to keep your commercial safes and vaults as secure as possible.

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