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Here at Howard, our resident residential and commercial locksmith experts maintain encyclopedic understandings of all the inner workings of successful lock-based security infrastructure. One of our most powerful, useful, and innovative locks that we provide home and office based customers is the Mul-T-Lock high security interactive lock platform. Here’s a brief guide to the working logic and benefits of this fantastic and security bolstering technological lock system. Read More →

Protecting your property from Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is a technique that allows burglars to get access to your property with minimal effort. It’s essential to protect your property from lock bumping by installing a tamper resistant lock. Lock bumping techniques are estimated by experts to work on over 90% of homes. There’s no reason that the public shouldn’t understand how to protect themselves from it – and the experts at Howard Safe and Lock have provided this brief overview of the technique and how to protect your property from it, explained for the average layman. Read More →

Finding Lost Keys

For the most part, people keep all their keys together on keyrings, so when you lose your keys, you lose ALL your keys. The major inconvenience of this scenario might be balanced out by the daily convenience of having all of your keys together in one place. However, lost keys are still an extremely stressful scenario that potentially puts your entire day on full-stop hold if you have nobody else to help you gain access to your home, business, or vehicle. Here’s Howard Locksmith’s guide to finding lost keys. Read More →

Times Broken Doors Locks need to be Taken Seriously

Broken door locks can be way more serious of issues than many people give them credit for. They are essential parts of any security infrastructure, and need to be properly maintained and cared for. However, the dangers posed by a broken or non functional door lock aren’t just due to the typical security reasons – it’s important to understand the other potential risks associated with them. In this blog post, the experts at Howard Safe & Lock will provide detail as to all the dangers you need to understand about broken door locks. Read More →