Car Ignition FAQ

Sometimes car ignitions stop working – leading to a need for either maintenance services, or a total replacement of the ignition shaft. In this brief blog post, the experts at Howard Safe & Lock will help provide answers to some of the most common questions that we receive regarding our Ignition Rekeying Services.

Can locksmiths rekey ignition cylinders!

Certainly! Ignition cylinders are just complex and specific types of locks, and they can be disassembled and put back together with separate new working components. Our experienced locksmiths can rekey or replace your car’s ignition cylinder easily.


What’s the duration of a ignition cylinder rekeying service?

Usually this take about 20 minutes with the typical cars, and usually it covers a replacement of the old cylinder. You can possibly rekey the old cylinder without fully replacing it, which very well may take much less than 20 minutes of time.


What are the reasons to rekey my ignition cylinder?

This is often warranted after an ignition replacement – as customers request that they will only be able to operate their car locks with a single key. A new replacement cylinder comes with precoded keys with empty wafers – so in this service, the old one will be disassembled and decoded so that the new cylinder can have a matching key code to the old one, allowing you to work your doors, trunk, and ignition with the same exact key.


Is there an option to rekey the ignition without replacing it?

Sometimes! If the internal components of the ignition like it’s pins and wafers are the only issue, they can be replaced. However, it’s likely you want the trunk and door to use the same key as the cylinder, so it wouldn’t be our usual types of rekeying. However, sometimes there’s been too much damage sustained by a cylinder to effectively rekey it – in these situations, we will replace it completely.


Is there a reason my key won’t work in my car ignition?

This is likely due to an issue with your ignition. It might be with how it reads your key, or it could be with the ignition switch. In these latter situations, the ignition cylinder needs to be replaced, and a new one inserted in it’s place having been reprogrammed to the old key code.


Will your locksmiths come to my location?

Always. Howard is proud to maintain a fleet of mobile locksmiths who stand ready to be deployed to your direct location in a simple matter of minutes, 24/7.