Residential Access Systems In And Around Houston TX

We live in uncertain times, with civil unrest, economic instability, and social conflict all interlocking together to create the modern societal landscape. The public at large seems locked in a collective kind of psychic tension, where anxieties about the future are so commonplace they become sub conscious, even pathological.

During times of financial upheaval generally good natured and principled people are made desperate, before succumbing to destructive and criminal behavior. Whether it’s to protect your personal property, or your loved ones from burglary, theft, or even violence, Howard Safe and Lock is here to keep you secure.

Using its state of the art residential access systems, Howard Safe and Lock provides a wide range of services, from surveillance, to gated entry systems.

Based out of the Houston, Texas area, Howard Safe and Lock has been operated by members of the Howard family since 1946. Starting out small, as Howards Key and Bicycle, a young Howard Yetter fixed bikes and opened doors as a locksmith. Over the years the business and its focus have shifted and grown to include general security, surveillance, and access control.

They know that safety is created using an interlocking system of individual parts that allow the professionals over at Howard Safe and Lock to use a comprehensive series of instruments to best keep you safe and secure.

Motion and noise detection allows you to detect an intruder, whether you can see them or not. By always being aware of new movement and noise, Howard Safe and Lock’s residential access systems are not only your eyes, but your ears too. When triggered, the motion and noise sensors can be made to call upon video and sound recording, a live feed (including viewing monitor) and an automatic call to the authorities.

With each moving part in their state of the art residential access systems, Howard Safe and Lock try their best to create a tiered system that allows for the fastest reactions times possible from the nearest police department. That’s why they create custom gated entry systems: they know that the best way to stop a burglar is to stop them from ever entering the property in the first place.

Many burglars, after having triggered the alarm on the gated entry system, leave the premises to avoid further detection. All without ever entering the front door or setting a food in the customers house.

And those burglars that do have the audacity to continue in spite of the gates, alarms, and surveillance, will have (on average) a maximum of 10 (??) minutes to carry out their plans before the residential access system manages to summon a local law enforcement official. Howard Safe and Lock’s residential access systems are the sentinel keeping watch while you are sleep.

In these uncertain times you can never be too careful. If you or someone you know, living in the Houston area, needs a reliable security system that can stop trouble before it starts, look no further than the residential access systems provided for by Howard Safe and Lock.

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