Commercial Surveillance/ CCTV

The local economy of Houston, Texas and the surrounding metropolitan area is growing rapidly. Now, more and more business owners are opening up new retail stores in the Houston area every day. And with each new store, comes a new security risk. Inventories can be stolen, shipments damaged, and petty cash lost.

Your commercial property needs to be protected and monitored for suspicious behavior at all times to prevent criminal activity and protect your assets. Whether it’s for your retail store or warehouse, Howard Safe and Lock can help you monitor your property using a wide range of commercial surveillance packages and CCTV Camera systems.

Howard Safe and Lock has been serving The Heights area of Houston, Texas for over 70 years. Howard Safe and Lock is licensed with the state of Texas Department of Public Safety/Private Security Bureau as a security contractor in Alarm Systems, Electronic Access Control and all other aspects of lock-smithing.

Howard Safe and Lock believes that being prepared with commercial surveillance and CCTV cameras is a necessity in today’s world. Criminals have access to ever advancing technologies and are rapidly catching up with modern security methods. That’s why Howard Safe and Lock uses only the most cutting edge commercial surveillance equipment available when securing your commercial real estate.

Howard Safe and Lock offers commercial surveillance systems that give you more control over how your business operates on a day to day basis. Howard Safe and Lock uses state of the art CCTV cameras to monitor and record your commercial building for suspicious behavior. These cameras can be accessed remotely and are motion sensitive, conserving energy unless otherwise triggered by a possible intruder.

Commercial surveillance and CCTV cameras let potential criminals know that they will be recorded should they trigger the security features. Howard Safe and Lock can also create employee access keys, limiting entry to certain rooms to certain employees. By limiting access you increase security and monitor and track entry by time and date.

Should a client need stronger entryway security, Howard Safe and Lock offers biometric access control. Biometric access control grants the users entry based on the individual’s physical attributes, tailoring every response to that user and that user only.

Howard Safe and Lock can not only keep track of employee access inside your commercial real estate, but also the vehicles in the parking lot. By using pop up vehicle barriers and turnstyles, Howard Safe and Lock can put a system in place that monitors vehicle access by date, and time. And, as always, Howard Safe and Lock can also monitor vehicle access by way of CCTV and recorded footage that is accessible remotely at any time.

Whether it’s for your retail store or your commercial warehouse, Howard Safe and Lock can help you and your business stay safe and secure. If you or someone you know is a small business owner in the greater Houston metropolitan area and need an experienced professional to handle your commercial surveillance and CCTV camera needs look no further than Howard Safe and Lock.

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