Commercial Security System Maintenance

Houston, Texas is a proud city, filled with locally owned small businesses that have become ingrained in the social fabric of the community. Howard Safe and Lock has been operating in the Heights neighborhood of Houston for over 70 years. And just like any other business they know what time can do to a commercial security system.

If you are a small business in need of commercial security system maintenance look no further than the technicians from Howard Safe and Lock. These technicians are GSA certified and have experience dealing with dozens of different security system manufacturers and suppliers.

Howard Safe and Lock only uses approved methods for servicing, installing, diagnosing, troubleshooting, or repairing your commercial security system. And Howard Safe and Lock can easily integrate the necessary enhancements to keep your commercial security system up to date should your system need updating.

Vaults often malfunction over time. With its GSA certified technicians, Howard Safe and Lock can repair or even update your fire safe, depository safe, pawn safe, gun safe and even bank safes and vaults. Digital vault and safe locks offer a new level of security that traditional vault locks don’t. As part of its commercial security system maintenance Howard Safe and Lock can update your vault locks with a digital system.

Often many vault and safe owners misplace or forget their codes to unlock their own safes. Howard Safe and Lock has security-cleared technicians that can open your locked safe should you need them.

Having a security system malfunction can mean that your business is now vulnerable to criminal activity. Howard Safe and Lock knows that the quicker your business gets commercial security system maintenance the better. They promise the fastest response possible to ensure each and every client that their commercial security system will be back up and running sooner rather than later.

The experienced technicians at Howard Safe and Lock know that a lot of security systems run on old camera equipment that records security footage on tape. These tapes can be lost or damaged, and often need to be manipulated manually to keep recording making dropped footage a normal occurrence.

Commercial security system maintenance is not just about maintaining but also updating if need be. Howard Safe and Lock uses state of the art CCTV cameras that record footage and store it digitally. By storing your footage digitally you can rest easy knowing that your footage is protected and will avoid degrading over time.

Howard Safe and Lock specializes in commercial security system maintenance for any budget or venue. For over 70 years Howard Safe and Lock has offered security solutions for a wide variety of commercial business owners large and small and maintains the same level of quality and professionalism from one client to the next.

If you or someone you know needs quality commercial security system maintenance please feel free to contact the qualified professionals at Howard Safe and Lock. Whether it’s to troubleshoot your CCTV camera system, or replace or update your safe or vault, Howard Safe and Lock can help.

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