Commercial Security Houston TX

For years, Houston, Texas has been a city unlike any other in the state. Central to the state economy as an importing and exporting hub, Houston Texas uses its unique size and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico to make the city an internationally operating business center. On top of its ties to import goods, Houston also has a strong industrial and manufacturing industry leftover from its days as a NASA hotspot.

Whether it’s manufacturing parts for the space program or storing goods from Eastern China, each such business owner needs a warehouse, and each warehouse needs commercial security. Howard Safe and Lock has systems ideal for monitoring the use of cash registers, parking garages, loading docks, warehouse and even facility access if necessary.

Using state of the art surveillance and old school techniques, born from over 37 years of experience, Howard Safe and Lock is here to provide commercial security for your Houston area business. Different from private security, commercial security has its own set of protocols, laws, and necessary licensing and should only be done by professionals like those found at Howard Safe and Lock.

Howard Safe and Lock knows that the first thing a warehouse needs to do is protect its goods, even before those goods enter the building. Gates around parking lots, security cameras around loading docks, and motion detectors in buildings all make sure, from the outer edges on, that your commercial business is protected from start to finish.

Howard Safe and Lock is a licensed security contractor through the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Private Security Bureau. As a licensed contractor, Howard Safe and Lock are licensed to handle Alarm Systems, Electronic Access Control, along with all other aspects of lock-smithing. Because sometimes the first line of defense in a commercial security system is as simple as a good deadbolt lock on an industrial strength door.

If your Houston based commercial business has an office space or parking garage, Howard Safe and Lock can provide a video monitor system that works automatically, without the aid of a full time guard.

Using motion and noise detection, coupled with CCTV, Howard Safe and Lock offers the highest commercial security available in the area with or without human intervention. Any motion or heat anomaly in the area in question can be tracked using state of the art sensors, ensuring your business safety even under the cover of dark.

Should the customer need it, Howard Safe and Lock’s CCTV packages can include high-resolution monitors, weather-proof outdoor systems, night vision, and even thermal imaging options all to help assure you the highest level commercial security available, rain or shine.

To keep Houston safe is to keep Houston a vital contributor to the economic vitality and culture of Texas. Howard Safe and Lock provides commercial security of the highest standard, with the most modern technology available, to ensure that the city of Houston, and its commercial businesses, stay safe. Commercial security demands the highest level of care, because your business, and your customers depend on it.

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