Choosing the Right Commercial Safes

Whether you operate small boutiques or large retail stores having the right commercial safes for your business can provide the extra security and peace of mind to making running your business a little less stressful. But, not all safes are the same. There are a variety of commercial safes that you can choose to use for your business and each can provide an additional level of comfort and security for your business.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Safe for Your Business?

When it comes to choosing the right safe for your business you will first want to consider what exactly will be kept in the safe on a daily basis. The more valuable the contents of your safe are the more security you obviously want for your commercial safes. All safes fall into various categories depending on their designed resistance. These categories include:

  • Tool resistance
  • Torch Resistance
  • Time Tested
  • Area Tested

All commercial safes are put through rigorous test to ensure they fall into the right categories; each category has increasing classification levels. These class levels can consist of one or all categories, the more categories included the better secure the safe is. The type of safe you choose will also affect how much your insurance will cover is in the event the safe is successfully broken into and the contents are stolen. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the higher the safe classification the more coverage you can expect.

Types of Commercial Safes

Once you have determined the necessary categories and class you need you safe to fall into you can begin looking for the right size safe for your business. These are the most common types of commercial safes you can consider for your business:

Deposit and Drop Safes

If you operate a retail store or restaurant, then this is the ideal safe for your business. You can easily add contents to the safe like money, keys or documents without having to actually open the safe. A hopper like door at the top of the safe allows you to easily add items to the safe quickly. The main door located below the Hopper door is the only access point which will require the right code, key or both to retrieve the content from the safe.

Office Safes

Office safe can be bottled to the floor for added security or left free standing. These commercial safes are also a popular option for retail businesses. Most office safe will have a high fire rating meaning the contents inside should remain intact in the occurrence of a fire. These types of safes are also drop tested so if a bugler does gain access to the safe they will not be able to easily open it by simply dropping it.

In-Floor Safes

In-floor safes are a great option for those who want the additional security of having a secure and hidden safe. They provide additional security features are a great choice for many commercial businesses.

High-Security Safes

If you need a fully robust and highly secure safe, then the best commercial safes are high-security safes. While these types of safes are the most expensive you get the additional security with added entrance barriers, drill prevention, high fire rating and much more.

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