Reasons Cars Won’t Start

There’s many potential reasons that car’s won’t start – and each of these causes of malfunction have separate remedies. In this brief blog post, the experts at Howard Safe & Lock will go into detail about the different variables that can affect a car’s ability to start – but first, let’s start with some troubleshooting methods.

What to do when your car won’t start.

  • First try turning the key in the ignition again.
  • Pay attention to what lights in the car turn on.
  • Pay attention for any sounds that come out of the car.
  • Try using a secondary if key if you have one, and pay attention if any issues continue to manifest.

This troubleshooting process will help indicate some of the more specific reasons for why your car will not start. This can be due to a dead car battery as well as myriad other concerns. Here’s some common causes for car’s not working that our locksmiths can help you with.


Ignition Switch Issues

People often mix up ignition switch issues with issues with a car’s battery. You can ensure that your battery is alright if you try turning on your headlights – if they turn on, but the lights on the dashboard control aren’t working, the battery works. If this is the situation, you will need to process a total ignition switch replacement – or possibly reconnect the ignition switch to the car’s battery.


Worn Out Car Keys

These issues affect keys that get placed within ignition cylinders – and is not a common issue. It’s easily avoided by having a spare car key – and if you do, and test it, and it works, you can be sure that the primary key is worn down. This is due to the key’s grooves having changed physical structure to to the normal wear of physical use.


Ignition Cylinder Issues

If the keys work for your door locks but not your ignition, it’s likely that the ignition cylinder has worn down. You can remedy this problem by having your car ignition rekeyed by a licensed locksmith. This will help you avoid the costs of getting new keys or even replacing the entire ignition cylinder itself.


Signaling Issues

Some cars will render all existing keys unuseable when the battery is changed – and transponder chips can become damaged with no real signs of it. If you got a new car key recently as well, you may not know that you required to get the transponder programmed. You can solve all these issues with the assistance of a professional locksmith.


Broken Key Fob Batteries

If you press the ignition button and your car won’t start remotely, it’s likely as simple of an issues as a drained battery within the key fob. You don’t even need a locksmith’s help for this! Simply change the battery on the remote key transponder, and see if it still works! The only issue is getting the battery itself – because car keys use batteries with very specific unique amperages and sizes – so, even if it’s not wholly necessary for you to contact a locksmith for changing a key fob battery, it might end up much more convenient for you to have the battery delivered to your home rather than have to track it down at a car dealership or automobile manufacturer!