Protecting your property from Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is a technique that allows burglars to get access to your property with minimal effort. It’s essential to protect your property from lock bumping by installing a tamper resistant lock. Lock bumping techniques are estimated by experts to work on over 90% of homes. There’s no reason that the public shouldn’t understand how to protect themselves from it – and the experts at Howard Safe and Lock have provided this brief overview of the technique and how to protect your property from it, explained for the average layman.

How Bumping Works

All that is required for lock bumping is a special house key, modified with a few specific cuts. The key is then inserted into a lock – which under normal circumstances would not be able to be operated by the mismatching key. Then, a series of forceful taps are applied to the key while it’s inserted in the lock, forcing it in, and disengaging the lock mechanism. It’s as easy as that.

This is a major concern for security as not only has the technique been popularized and publicized, with instructions plentifully existing on the internet – but it’s incredibly simple and easy to carry out, with the potential for even a child to do it.

Protecting yourself from Bumping

But there’s no need to worry – there’s a simple and cheap solution that can protect you from lock bumping. Aside from the worthwhile deterrent based security layers of alarm installation, lighting around your front and back doors, and even pets, the most simple solution is by having a tamper proof high-quality deadbolt lock installed by a licensed professional.  Lock Brands like Medeco, Mul-T-Lock and Schlage are high value, with locks specifically designed to be bump-proof.

Now that you know all this information, consider what types of locks you already have installed at your home. Did they come with the place when you moved in? Are they high quality deadbolts, or flimsy or malfunctioning locks? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of those questions, or have any doubts about your lock’s ability to resist bumping, contact the experts at Howard Locksmiths; they stand ready and prepared 24/7 to provide you full service high quality bump resistant deadbolt lock installation, no matter your location, and all at a fair and reasonable price. There’s simply no value you can place on the security and safety of your home, business, family, and property – it’s priceless, which is why everybody needs to ensure that your doors aren’t just protected with a lock, but that they are protected with a lock protected from the act of lock bumping.