Here at Howard, our resident residential and commercial locksmith experts maintain encyclopedic understandings of all the inner workings of successful lock-based security infrastructure. One of our most powerful, useful, and innovative locks that we provide home and office based customers is the Mul-T-Lock high security interactive lock platform. Here’s a brief guide to the working logic and benefits of this fantastic and security bolstering technological lock system.

How the Mul-T-Lock High Security Interactive Lock Works

The Mul-T-Lock patented high security cylinders work with a unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism that has both internal and external pins. In order for the lock’s plugs to correctly rotate, both internal and external shear lines need to be aligned at the same time. This Mul-T-Lock specific plug works with a special structure that requires upper and lower body and plug pins to meet up, creating a three dimensional shear line that makes a nearly perfect sphere. Inserted steel bolsters the lock’s anti drilling powers, as well as amplifying picking resistance. These locks can be master keyed with added back pins or side pins.

The Interactive Mul-T-Lock system combines telescopic pin tumbler mechanisms and special features of the normal Classic system with a unique spring loaded pin inside the cylinder plug creating a ‘virtual combination’ when the key is placed in the lock. The lock provides increased control options over key cutting to give you an even stronger level of security. New keys can be cut after a unique Mul-T-Lock key card / customer ID is presented – and all interactive technology can be integrated through the retro-compatible Mul-T-Lock Classic system, allowing for the additional upgrades of existing normal locks.

Special Features of the Mul-T-Lock High Security Interactive Lock:

  • A special spring loaded pin inside the cylinder plug, creating a virtual combination when a key with a floating pin is inserted.
  • A unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism that utilizes both external and internal pins, and requires simultaneous alignment of both forms of shear lines.
  • A special plug that creates a 3 dimensional spherical shear line inside the cylinder body.
  • Patented key blank technology and heightened key limitation security through Mul-T-Lock copying coded cards.
  • Highly drill resistant steel inserts.
  • Bumping and pick resistance.
  • Side and back pins specially made for master key systems.
  • Full retro compatibility with the Mul-T-Lock Classic lock system.