Finding Lost Keys

For the most part, people keep all their keys together on keyrings, so when you lose your keys, you lose ALL your keys. The major inconvenience of this scenario might be balanced out by the daily convenience of having all of your keys together in one place. However, lost keys are still an extremely stressful scenario that potentially puts your entire day on full-stop hold if you have nobody else to help you gain access to your home, business, or vehicle. Here’s Howard Locksmith’s guide to finding lost keys.

Finding Lost Car Keys

So you’ve left your car keys somewhere just as you need to drive. Retrace your steps, and establish an event horizon. Where was the last place you remember having your keys? Your keys could be still inside the lock, or maybe accidentally locked inside your home. If you were just inside a store, try looking where you were walking or sitting; keys often fall out of loose pockets when people sit down, or take something else out of your pockets. While you are looking for your car keys it’s necessary to leave somebody to wait by your car – since if your car keys were stolen, the person who has them is definitely walking around testing the transponder to see which car it’s matched with. If the car key has accidentally fallen down a sewer grate or something like that, which sometimes happens if you stumble on the street when walking to your car, you will likely have to contact an expert automotive locksmith to replace your lost car keys.

Finding Lost House Keys

People usually lose their house keys after they are approaching their home and take out their keys. Since taking taxis home is an ever more popular option these days, especially on nights of partying, you may potentially be very far from your keys – as opposed to nearby, as would be the situation had they simply fallen out of your pocket. If you somehow left keys inside a cab (which often happens as the constrictive position of sitting can sometimes make keys fall out of pockets, unnoticed as the sound is camouflaged by the sound of traffic or the radio,) you will need to find a way to contact the driver – which apps now allow you to do. If this isn’t the case, the best approach is to contact all the venues and locations you were last at, and ask if anybody found your keys or left them at the lost and found. If you’re not lucky enough to already have spare keys nearby, or roommates who can let you back into your home, contact a licensed locksmith who can provide emergency lockout services that allow you back into your house, and even make you a brand new key on the spot!

Finding Lost Office Keys

Consider how you were traveling to your office – hopefully inside a car, as it’s much harder to recover office keys lost on public transportation. If you drive by yourself, it’s good news, as you already had the keys when you got to your office. Check if you’ve locked the keys in your car – and if you have, and can’t access them, contact your local locksmith for automotive lockout service. If you’ve taken public transit to your office, see if you can contact a roommate or friend/neighbor with access to your home to see if you’ve left your office keys there. However, if you work late at night, you will need to contact an emergency 24/7 locksmith to regain access to your office.