Emergency Locksmith Cost Factors

Here at Howard Safe & Lock, we commonly get asked to provide emergency locksmith services. We’re happy to get our loyal customers out of their sticky situations, and understand how frustrating it can be to get locked out of your home, business, or vehicle at inopportune times. Here, our experts will help our customers understand exactly what factors help determine the cost of our emergency locksmith services.

What time of day is it?

If you need work done during our normal business hours – which stretch very early and very late, you will receive it for our typical flat rates. However, as is sometimes the case, if you require emergency locksmith service in the middle of the night at some far off strange area, you may be charged a surcharge for early hours or far off travel.

What exact service do you need?

If you need a simple lock opened to retrieve your keys, it will be very cheap. However, if you’re dealing with a more complicated lock issue such as replacing an ignition cylinder, or breaking a complex high security lock – or even suddenly installing a security system (which we haven’t had too many sudden last minute calls for, to be honest,) the prices will be somewhat higher.

What is your location?

Here at Howard Safe & Lock, we’re proud of our fleet of fully equipped mobile locksmiths and their ability to provide service to customers far and wide. However, on spur of the moment calls, there might be a slightly higher price for far off locations. Often as is the case, if you’re in need of emergency locksmith service in the middle of the night, it will be harder to find a locksmith as close to you as it will be to find the typical locksmiths who operate normal 9-5 hours; but rest easy! Howard will drive directly to your location, no matter where it may be, to provide exemplary, on-call service with the utmost level of professionalism, attention to detail, and efficiency – and even if there’s a slight surcharge for long distances traveled, rest assured that service will always be provided by our team for a fair and competitive price.